Find a focal point for hanging framed treasures!

Creating a setting with art that attracts people's attention and holds it – that's a well-tuned focal point.

It's easy to do when the display is attractive. Without a focal point, the grouping or the wall looks disjointed and disorganized.

However, why reserve your best viewing for the living and dining rooms? Let the family appreciate your treasures in less than public places, too.

The busy hallway by the garage, in the laundry room, an empty stairway – each is an opportunity to evoke memories and send some visual valentines.

And don't be afraid to prop pictures on a wall shelf or a bookcase.

When hanging framed art, make certain you have a hammer, measuring tape, picture hooks, nails and a level. Your framing professional can offer hanging advice or may even offer installation as a service.

Be sure to look for the purple and white PPFA member decal on the shop door or window!