Beyond the fridge - Framing children's artwork

Do you have a pint-sized budding Picasso or a child who loves to have art and framed treasures hanging on the wall of the bedroom or play space? Even young children are increasingly aware of interior design and enjoy having a say in décor. And in a child's room, parents can let loose with imagination, colours and designs!

An easy way for children to put their own distinctive stamp on a room is with framed works. Children are thrilled to display their artwork or have family photos or treasures on the walls. Here are some ideas – Framing Matters can help you come up with many more that will fit within your budget and your imagination! We also can advise on the use of safe materials and safe, secure ways to install and hang frames and shadow boxes.

• Frame your children's favourite drawings and paintings to preserve them from getting lost or damaged over time. Forget the fridge – give these creations pride of place on the wall! Once your fledglings fly the family nest, it's wonderful to have a little piece of their childhood preserved.
• Include children in the design process. Bring them to Framing Matters, where they can help pick out the frame moulding and mat board colours.
• We shall be happy to help you and your children work out a design for framing pictures and world or regional maps, perhaps with postcards and mementoes of vacations.
• We can suggest items to make an interesting shadow box – e.g., sports jerseys, medals, ribbons, photos and certificates, baby shoes, musical instruments, the winning baseball and much more.

When it comes to preserving a special memory for your children, the staff at Framing Matters has the skills to organize your treasures into an eye-catching arrangement and will use preservation-grade materials to protect those special keepsakes!