Pests and artworks

Friends and family aren't the only ones who admire your artwork and framed treasures.

Assorted pests may also have your treasures in their sights. Mice, book lice, wood worms, termites, carpet beetles, clothes moths, powder post beetles, furniture beetles, flies, silverfish and cockroaches all love to belly up to the art buffet.

It's a multi-faceted menu. Silverfish enjoy starch, cellulose, animal sizing and bleached wood pulp paper. Book lice live in damp areas, feeding on mold, starch, organic glues, cloth, silk and leather. Wood worms and termites chomp through wood and paper, while cockroaches damage paper, fabric and adhesives that contain sugar.

And if these pesky pests don't do the damage themselves, their larvae, eggs, excrement and carcasses will.

You may not even notice these unwelcome visitors until the damage is extensive – or even total.

Your first clues? Holes and stains.

What to do?

Regularly dust the framing package, front and back, and at that time do a visual inspection.

If you notice any insect activity, it is best to immediately seal the frame in a heavy duty trash bag.

Call your professional framer for a referral to a conservator or professional qualified to determine the extent of your problem.

Look for the purple and white Professional Picture Framers Association (PPFA) member decal on a shop door or window!