Education Corner

Personal heritage such as family heirlooms including photographs, personal letters, documents, artworks, textiles, and artefacts have emotional significance to the owner. Heritage cannot be defined by its age, and its value cannot be determined in numerical terms. The value one places on any procession is based on one's personal interpretation. From a print purchased on a recent holiday to an old photograph of a grandparent, from an Aboriginal painting to a signed cricket bat, who can judge the emotional value other than owner of the item? What is relevant to one person may be irrelevant to another!

Education is the key to preserving one's valued possessions. This part of our website is designed to help owners of artworks and artefacts to understand the requirements necessary to preserve their heritage. Each item below carries information from risks to works of art to how to arrange farmed artworks on walls. Framing Matters thanks the Professional Picture Framers Association Professional Picture Framers Association for these articles and trust they will be of value to readers.

Carrying framed artworks
Frame It
Four tips to custom framing
Find the right frame
Air quality and artwork
The effects of light on artworks
Framing animation cells
Framing brass rubbings
Framing certificates and diplomas
Framing children's artwork
Focal point for hanging pictures
Pests and artworks
Preservation framing

It is the policy of Framing Matters to treat every item brought into the business as an item of emotional value. It is not our policy to judge the value of any item but to give the best advice to the owner of the artwork or artifact on how to have the item framed and preserved. Our responsibility is to give each person a range of possibilities so that person is in the position to make an informed decision as to how they wish the item to be framed.