Meet the Framing Matters team

We are a close knit team and like any good team everybody has strengths which contribute to a winning formula. Problem solving plays a major part of each person’s tasks and if one person has difficulty solving a problem there is sure to always be someone who can help.

Gail Cleverly (Bachelor of Textile Design)

Gail joined the staff at the end of 2014. She brings a deep understanding of fabrics and textiles to Framing Matters. Gail has a real creative flare and skills are utilised in many areas of the business

Cathy Webster (Dip Ed, CPF®)

Not only is Cathy experienced in designing framing packages but she is also a fully qualified and experienced framer. She has attended numerous courses in the USA on creative design and and she also holds the CPF® qualification.

She is rated as one of the nation's leading designers and has presented a number of classes on framing design to other Australian framers at conventions and framing trade shows.

Craig Shipton

Craig came ‘on board’ late in 2011 and quickly demonstrated a willingness to develop knowledge and skills in preservation framing.  His attention to detail made him well suited to the requirements expected of all staff at Framing Matters.  In his own words he describes that he has a strong passion for art and framing.

Inta Smith

Inta holds the position of Business Manager at Framing Matters and she has the responsibility of managing the daily business matters of the business. Inta also has the skills to provide support in all aspects of picture framing.


Meelan Oh (Bachelor of Fine Arts)

Meelan has been with Framing Matters for many years and has become highly skilled preservation framing specialist in the fitting room.


Quentin Webster (Bachelor of Arts [Psy], Dip Ed, MCPF®)

Quentin has trained extensively in most aspects of picture faming. He is one of a few in Australia who hold the MCPF® qualification. At present he is the President of the Australia/New Zealand Chapter of the Professional Picture Framers Association


Jen Larnach-Jones

Jen joined the Framing Matters team in 2016. Her attention to detail has complimented a competent team in the fitting area and her ability to frame to full preservation standards is on a par with the rest of the staff.




Muffin adds joy to those of us working at Framing Matters.